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Specializing in training current educators on cultural responsiveness, classroom management, and 21st century education.

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Assess state of current educational facilities, curriculum, and methods of instruction to enhance learning. 

About Me


My Background

I received my Master's Degree in  Education Administration from Lindenwood University located in St. Charles, Missouri. I completed post-graduate work at Harvard University in the Women In Educational Leadership program. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a focus in English content from Harris-Stowe State University located in St. Louis, Missouri. I received my Associate of Arts in Communication from St. Louis Community College in Florissant, Missouri. I have served as a high school English Language Arts Instructor for the past 5 years. I've previously served as a middle school In-School Suspension Coordinator for 3 years. Before becoming certified I served as a permanent substitute teacher in several elementary schools. I have risen from the trenches of the educational field.


My Experience

I am a member of several professional education organizations including NABSE, NEA, NEA Black Caucus, and ILA. Each year I attend a variety of conferences to better assist my students as well as clients. I have led professional developments on an array of different topics to help assist teachers perfect their craft. I have also  written and assisted with curriculum revisions.


About Me

I'm a proud mother of two wonderful boys, Pharoah and Sire. Outside of educating our future leaders and entrepreneurs, I love spending time with my children and travelling the world. 



Reaching For Greater

I offer a series of workshops and presentations to future educators in teacher preparation programs. Our workshops and presentations are tailored towards students needs at the request of the respective university. I help prepare future teachers to teach in urban schools, diverse student populations, and how to build and maintain meaningful relationships. I have a niche on promoting cultural competency and strong relationship building.


Professional Development

I offer professional development for school administrators and staff with the primary focus on the importance of being culturally competent, relevant, and responsive to their students needs. I work with a team of seasoned and highly qualified educators that will be available to present  after assessing the type of professional development needed. Members of my team will tailor presentations workshops to fit the needs of each campus.  


Educational Consulting

 I will thoroughly assess the state of your institutions current educational facilities, curriculum, and methods of instruction to enhance  overall student success. I will meet with the administration team and  together we  develop a plan of action to reach the goals outlined by our findings. Our main goal is to help your organization reach its full potential in regards to providing a culturally rich education and educational experience.

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